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The Marconian Path winds along an ancient path and connects Porretta to Castelluccio through beautiful villages with tower houses still visible today, passing through Cà Gennara bed and breakfast . The birthplace of Guglielmo Marconi's family is located in Le Croci.
The path then continues up to Monte Piella from whose summit you can admire one of the most beautiful views over the entire Reno Valley in the direction of Bologna.


Porretta Terme - Rio Fonti - Bivio sent. 101 - Our Lady of Palareda - Ca di Ianni - The Crosses - the Tower - Ca Marsili - Gaggiano di Sotto - Gaggiano di Sopra - Castelluccio - Junction for Terzo - Graft sent. 107A - Monte Piella.
Difficulty: E (Hike)

Difference in altitude: Ascent 830 m.

Length: 7.8 km

Duration: 3h and 20m

The Marconian Path

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The historic center of Granaglione is easily reachable from Cà Gennara b & b both by car and by bus. The ridge on which it is located offers simple routes and at the same time rich in naturalistic and historical beauties, such as the Castle of the same name and the Sanctuary of the Madonna di Calvigi.

Granaglione - Path of Arsicc'la - Monte dei Prati (Junction of path 103) - Section of path 103 - Joining path 133 - Road to Monte di Granaglione - Granaglione.
Difficulty: E (Hike)
Difference in altitude: 410 m ascent - 410 m descent
Length: 4.1 km
Duration: 2:10 hours

Granaglione Ring

bed and breakfast appennino bolognese

Just 4 km from Cà Gennara b & b, which can also be reached on foot along the CAI 107 path , there is perhaps the most evocative hamlet of the municipality of Alto Reno Terme, which contains in its territory some truly unmissable historical, landscape and naturalistic beauties, the one a short distance from the other.

In Castelluccio it is possible to visit the Manservisi Castle, the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, the Sanctuary of the Beata Vergine del Faggio and the Laborantes Museum managed by the local Pro Loco “Il Faggio”.


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The Madonna del Faggio was born, like many similar sanctuaries, with a devotion to the terracotta image of the Virgin Mary, which according to legend appeared under a large beech tree. In about 1670 the image was placed in a first masonry structure.

The actual birth, however, is dated 1772 and its name was Madonna del Rio Scorticato, from the name of the place where it stood.

You arrive at a point where you need to leave the car and continue on foot for about 600 meters along a path that winds through the woods. Surrounded by beech trees and next to a small stream, you can finally see the Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary of the Madonna del Faggio is located 9 km from Cà Gennara b & b, easily reachable on foot in about 2 hours.

Sanctuary Madonna del Faggio

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The village of Tresana is made up of a few houses immersed in an ancient chestnut and beech wood. The squared stone houses, the roofs all made of stone slabs (you can admire one of the largest roofs of this type in the Apennines) and the centuries-old chestnut trees give this place a fairytale atmosphere. High altitude village (930 meters above sea level) is at the foot of Monte Tresca from which perhaps the name derives.

On the way to Tresana, however, some intermediate stages cannot be skipped. The first is the Tognarino Mill on the Rio Fantino, a group of houses built around the old mill where chestnuts from the various dryers in the area were ground. The so-called via dei mulini starts from the Mulino di Tognarino and a path (the 147A ) descends towards the river Silla to the small lake of Porchia or further on to the Mulino di Taccaia, passing through the Mill of Masseré.

Borgo di Tresana is just 9 km from Cà Gennara b & b easily reachable on foot in about 2 hours.

Village of Tresana


15 km from Cà Gennara bed and breakfast, in the valley of the Limentra stream, the lake of Suviana stretches out at an altitude of 450 m: an artificial basin due to the imposing dam built in the 1930s. It combines green and blue creating romantic and unforgettable atmospheres, giving a break from the daily frenzy. The two shores of the lake are full of activities. We suggest a visit to the Saltapicchio Adventure Park, for a totally safe albering experience for the whole family. Another unmissable experience is sailing, canoeing, windsurfing on the lake. the sailing center of the Suviana lake has all the necessary services to fully enjoy the Suviana lake.

Suviana lake

bed and breakfast lago di suviana

The imposing ridge of Corno alle Scale (1944 m), the highest peak in the Park and in the whole Bolognese Apennines, constitutes the central axis of the protected area; it continues north on Monte La Nuda (1828 m), while towards the east, dominating the Valle del Silla, stands Monte January (1812 m). Close to the two main inhabited centers, Lizzano in Belvedere and Vidiciatico, we find the wooded offshoot of Monte Pizzo (1194 m) and Monte Grande (1531 m) respectively. The slopes, which have very different characteristics in the two valleys, are largely covered by beech woods which at higher altitudes give way to blueberry and summit prairies. An organized network of paths, mule tracks and forest roads reaches the most significant environments and all the main peaks.

The Corno alle Scale Regional Park is located about 20 km from Cà gennara b & b.

Corno alle Scale

bed and breakfast corno alle scale

La Rocchetta Mattei is a castle of great charm located in the Ponte del Comune of Grizzana Morandi, about 18 km from Cà Gennara bed and breakfast and enchants the gaze of those who cross this stretch of the Bolognese Apennines that can be seen walking through the Strada Statale 64 della Porrettana. The fortress was built in the mid-19th century by Count Cesare Mattei who made it his home and center of treatment as the founder of electro-homeopathic medicine. The peculiarity of the castle, built according to a mix of medieval and Moorish styles, characterizes the Rocchetta Mattei according to an oriental style that distinguishes it as unique in the Apennine context. Since August 2015, the renovated part has been reopened to the public.

Rocchetta Mattei

bed and breakfast rocchetta mattei
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Visit the Apennines by E-BIKE starting from the Cà Gennara b&b in Porretta Terme.

E-BIKE routes to Corno alle Scale, Suviana Lake, Rocchetta Mattei, Sanctuary of the Madonna del Faggio, Monte Cavallo Refuge, Granaglione etc...


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